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It may be tempting to try to help someone enter into the United States by simply marrying them, however, marriage fraud is actually a very serious crime and could leave you and your potential spouse facing deep legal troubles. At FIGUEROA-CONTRERAS LAW GROUP, we have worked with countless individuals in assisting them to overcome their immigration crime charges, and we may be able to help you, too. Marriage fraud crimes could result in prison time, deportation, and fines. If you have been accused of marriage fraud, it’s important that you seek sound legal assistance. Contact our Miami marriage fraud lawyers to receive the compassionate, one-on-one representation you need.

Our team has more than 14 years of experience in providing personalized legal defense for federal immigration crime cases. Call (305) 501-4141 today to get started!

Marriage Fraud & Green Cards

Legal entry into the United States can be obtained through marriage. Legal marriages between a U.S. citizen and an immigrant provide the foreign spouse with a green card. Illegal marriages are a way to circumvent immigration laws in an attempt to bypass the legal channels required to enter the country. While rare, illegal marriages do occur. This can lead to intense scrutiny from immigration officials, even when your marriage is valid.

Marriage fraud can occur in a variety of manners, including:

  • An exchange of money in order to enter into a marriage
  • “Mail-order” marriages
  • Visa fraud
  • The potential green card holder defrauds the citizen by entering into a marriage
  • Goods are exchanged in return for a marriage

In order to avoid a serious criminal charge or accusation of fraudulent marriage, you and your spouse need to be fully prepared for the entry visa and green card process. Marriages that are legitimate will pass the adjustment of a status interview process, and any marriages that are suspected to be illegitimate will be required to undertake a second interview, known as a Stokes interview.

In the Stokes interview, an immigration marriage officer will ask you questions separately about your relationship, the timeline of the relationship, and personal aspects of your life. You and your spouse should have questions that generally relate, as any discrepancies may be cause for alarm.

Protection from Fraudulent Charges

Fraud is a serious crime, and marriage fraud can lead to federal complications. You and your spouse may both be facing prison time and fines, and the non-naturalized spouse could be deported back to their home country. In order to protect yourself, you need to contact a Miami marriage fraud attorney from FIGUEROA-CONTRERAS LAW GROUP. Our team is ready to provide you with trusted representation and dedicated legal counsel throughout the course of your marriage proceedings and visa applications, and we will work with you to personalize a defense for any fraudulent accusations.

For more information, call us directly at (305) 501-4141 to schedule a confidential case evaluation right away.


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